Utah’s Invisible Condition Alert Program

Invisible Condition Alert program
Utah Code 58-1-604

Utah Code 58-1-604

Utah’s Invisible Condition Alert Program is a voluntary program that allows a person with a defined “invisible condition” to have a decal placed on their driver’s license or ID card and register the invisible condition into law enforcement’s record management or computer-aided dispatch system.

All About You Therapy Services, in compliance with Utah Code 58-1-604, is making available information for all clients. The Utah Invisible Conditions Alert Program was created by the Utah legislature and is a voluntary program that allows a person with a qualifying physical or mental condition to have a decal placed on their driver’s license or ID card. This decal is designed to promptly notify first responders about a person’s invisible condition that may directly impact the person’s ability to communicate. Early identification of an invisible condition during interactions allows first responders such as law enforcement, firefighters, or emergency medical personnel to approach situations with heightened awareness and respond appropriately.

When counselors at All About You Therapy Services diagnose clients with a qualifying invisible condition, they may be asked to complete the invisible condition request form (link below) and submit it to the Driver’s License Division. This is only for clients who want the decal to be placed on their Driver’s license or ID card.

The following mental health conditions that qualify as an invisible condition include: communication impediments, autism spectrum disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia or any other condition approved by the department.

Here are some links that may prove helpful for additional information. Please feel free to call us at 435-301-3129 if you have questions.





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