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Chronic feelings of dread, worry, or fear are some of the symptoms of anxiety that many people experience throughout their life. Anxious feelings and anxiety disorders impact nearly 20% of the United States population, but it is vital to know that you do not have to live with these challenging feelings. Professional counseling and therapy services can help you identify where these feelings of anxiousness are coming from and set up long-term coping strategies to strengthen those skills. Counseling can provide a safe environment to address your anxiety together as a team. These experienced counselors can also assist you in unpacking and facing your fears while providing the tools to successfully overcome them. All About You Therapy Services can be your partner in conquering your anxiety with the skills that you need for a successful, and happy, life ahead. 

Identifying Your Triggers

Anxiety can be caused, and set off, by any number of stressful situations or circumstances. Your anxiety can make these situations seem worse than they are at that moment. These feelings of anxiety can come on all of the sudden and without any warning. One of the most challenging parts to overcoming this gripping fear is identifying where this anxiety is stemming from. Without knowing why it happens or identifying the cause, this mental health issue is a lot harder to resolve. Many times, the cause of your anxiety is not obvious. It can be deeply rooted into your subconscious as you have gone through your life, and it may be hard to discover the causes that make up these uncomfortable feelings. Meeting with a counselor can help to unearth these causes as you work together to resolve these feelings from the ground up. You will not have to be alone as you face these feelings and counseling will arm you with the tools you will need to start this healing journey.

Regulating Your Emotions

When your anxiety is impacting your life on a daily basis, you may feel like you are on high alert and in a constant state of heightened emotions. Your emotions can take control of your body when you struggle with anxiety and regulating your emotions becomes too much to handle on your own. Those who struggle to regulate their emotions due to underlying anxiety disorders, can hold a lot of stress within your body. Counselors have the knowledge and training to unravel that stress and tension throughout your body which will aid in your emotions being more regulated. When these feelings are more under control, your anxiety will have less power in your life. Some symptoms you may have when your emotions are not regulated due to anxiety could look like:

  • Overwhelming feelings of stress that keeps you from doing daily tasks
  • A sense of dread that interferes with your relationships
  • Unable to control your emotions or reactions

If you find yourself experiencing these situations, know that counseling can assist in managing these symptoms and that you do not have to be alone while working through them.

Inspiring Lasting Changes

Counseling is designed to help you keep improving throughout your life and is used to inspire lasting, and healthy, lifestyle changes. The coping skills and strategies that counselors will help you adopt, with your personal circumstances in mind, are something that is implemented in many situations. These counseling techniques help to create healthy routines that will minimize anxious feelings and eliminate destructive habits in your life that can make your anxiety worse. This effective anxiety treatment option is personalized just for you by our amazing counselors. You do not have to face these feelings alone and there is a hope for a brighter future with lasting changes. Our experienced mental health counselors at All About You Therapy can help to improve your quality of life by minimizing your anxiety. Contact us today to get started on your journey to overcoming your anxiety challenges and start living a happier life today!